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The Stalker Book Trailer

The new book trailer video for my contemporary romance novel, The Stalker, has gone live. I couldn’t be happier.

My good friend and videographer Rob Resetar, has done it again. The Stalker is a much darker story than my other novels. Rob wanted to do it film noir style, to give it a more creepy feel. The result is amazing. He really has captured the essence of the novel.

I also want to thank The Gaslight Music Hall in Oro Valley, Arizona. They were kind enough to allow us to shoot two scenes behind the building in the performers parking lot, and this is where it got to be fun.

Adventures in videography

The first parking lot scene was the kidnapping scene. Steve, the actor playing Craig Walker grabs Krissy, who’s playing Rachel, and shoves her into a pickup truck. Krissy had to scream loudly, which she did quite well. So much so that I’m told the neighbors got concerned. Thankfully, the police didn’t show up.

We shot the final scene after sundown, when Rachel is left on the side of the road for dead. Steve stuck around and helped with the lighting, while Krissy had to have road rash makeup applied. Afterwards, she had to play dead, but not to worry. A concerned spider came along to keep her company.

While we were filming, there was a show going on inside the music hall. I kept reminding everyone that we needed to finish up before the show ended, so Krissy could get into the ladies room and wash off the fake blood without being seen. Well, we can all guess what happened. The show ended at the same time she got into the ladies room, but it was all good. She simply let the concerned patrons know we were filming behind the building. Then, once she was cleaned up, we all had a pizza together. I really had an amazing team on this video.

To see the video, please click on the link below.

The Stalker Book Trailer

Marina Martindale


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