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Presenting The Scandal


After a long, successful run on a top-rated soap opera, The Seas of Destiny, actress Lauren McAllen,  is leaving the show to pursue a film career. Luck appears to be on her side. Lauren is soon offered a supporting role in a feature film, but before the camera starts rolling, she unwittingly  finds herself in the middle of a huge scandal which will rock Hollywood.

* * *

A sample read from The Scandal

Lauren desperately needed to talk to someone. Luckily, she had a mentor in whom she had trusted for many years. She punched the accelerator and headed to the freeway, entering the network studios parking lot twenty minutes later. Stepping out of her car, she entered the building through the visitor’s door. Harriet, the security guard, looked up from her desk and greeted her with a hug and a big smile.

“How are you, sweet girl?”

“Actually, Harriet,” said Lauren, “I’m not sure. When did you start working the front desk?”

“A few weeks ago. Knee started acting up. Must be old age or something, but I’ll be fine. So, what about you? You don’t seem like yourself today. Is anything wrong?”

“Today was my first day at Cloudland Pictures, and—”

“Lord have mercy.” Harriet looked stunned. “It’s been all over the news this morning. They’re saying Calvin Michaelson raped someone.”

Lauren’s stomach twisted into a knot. “We were told he’d been arrested, but they didn’t know what the charges were. Then I heard it was for rape. Do they know who the victim is?”

“She hasn’t been identified yet, but apparently she had a bit part in Honeymoon in Vegas.”

“I see.” Lauren still couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “So when did this happen?”

“Three years ago, but they’re saying she was too afraid to come forward until now.”

For a moment Lauren thought she might be sick.

“Are you okay, Lauren?” asked Harriet.

“I think so. It’s just such a shock. Is Sharon here today?”

“She sure is. Would you like me to call her office?”

“Yes. Thanks.”

“Then have a seat. I’ll let her know you’re here.”


The Scandal is available on, and other online booksellers. 


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