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Final Edit for The Scandal

A book cover feature a woman buttoning her blouse, with two men and the Hollywood sign behind her.
Cover illustration by Wes Lowe.

Finally, after more than a year of writing, my latest contemporary romance novel, The Scandal has gone to the editor for the final edit. Once again, I feel like a mom whose kids have just moved out. You think you’re going to feel happy, and part of you does. At the same time, however, you also feel sad. I guess you’d call the feeling bittersweet.

I’ve genuinely loved writing all of my contemporary romance novels, but some have been more fun to write than others. On the pleasure to write meter, The Scandal is right up there with The Reunion.

What The Scandal is about

The inspiration for The Scandal came from one of my cousins who, years ago, had a major role on a soap opera. She was kind enough to not only invite me to visit the set, she also invited me to her wrap party when she left the show. And by the way, a soap opera wrap party is like any other corporate party. Nothing really interesting happens. The only difference is  the faces are more familiar. But then again, when you’re a writer, you can add a little unexpected drama to make a corporate party a whole lot more interesting, which is exactly what I did in The Scandal.

For  the record, my lead character, Lauren McAllen, very different from my cousin. In fact, all of my characters are unique individuals with their own distinct personalities. About the only thing Lauren and my cousin have in common is that they don’t hang out with the Hollywood crowd. Not all actors do. Some like to go home from the set and hangout with their families, and their social circles don’t necessarily include other celebrities. This is who Lauren is. If anything, she’s an extension of me; a woman totally devoted to her craft who feels truly blessed to be able to follow her dream and do what she loves.

The Scandal is also my most researched novel to date. As a writer, I strive for accuracy. While visiting the set and watching a taping was truly an honor and a privilege, it hardly makes me an expert on television production. So, I spent a lot of time reading articles on how things work on the set and what happens behind the scenes. Hopefully, I’ve come close.

Marina Martindale

Update. The Scandal is now available on Amazon and

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