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The Letter Book Trailer

Photo by Marina Martindale

Writing contemporary romance has its perks. One of my favorites is putting on my movie producer hat, such as it is, and creating a book trailer video. I get together with a few friends, such as Rob Resetar,  who has helped me produce all my book trailers. We hire a few actors, we borrow people’s houses, and then we play movie makers for a day. It’s so much fun, and we don’t take ourselves overly seriously. 

My latest contemporary romance novel, The Letter, is a story of misunderstandings and people who aren’t who they appear to be. Stephanie and Danny have been together for sometime. She wants to know where their relationship is going while he is happy with the status quo. Unfortunately for Danny, Stephanie accidentally stumbles on a love letter from Martha, his old flame, and she’ll soon jump to the wrong conclusion. 

Rob also creates original musical scores for all of my book trailer videos, and this is my favorite so far. Seelie Studios assisted with the casting, and I’m very pleased this video. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

Marina Martindale

The Letter is available at Amazon and

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