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The Journey Book Cover

Kudos once again to Wes Lowe. He’s created another beautiful cover illustration for my upcoming contemporary romance novel, The Journey.Wes and I go way back. He started doing my cover illustrations in 2007, when I was writing my Luke and Jenny novels, as Gayle Martin.

I found Wes by happenstance when I was working on the second book in the Luke and Jenny series. The illustrator who did the first book cover wasn’t available, so I was left scrambling. Granted, I have a degree in fine art, but it had been years since I’d picked up a paintbrush. However, I still knew what to look for, and I could speak the lingo. I began my search and soon found Wes. Not only was he available, I liked the tone of his emails. He came across as warm and friendly, and he had a positive attitude. The illustration he created for me didn’t just meet my expectations. It exceeded them. Wes turned out to be a much better artist than the gentleman who did my first cover. Thus began a beautiful friendship. 

This latest illustration has an interesting twist. The other night I posted it on Facebook, and a number of people commented that the young lady looked a lot like me. Oddly enough, Wes and I have never met in person. I thought he had seen my head shots on my website, and perhaps used it as a model. However, it turns out he actually did not. He’s never seen a photo of me and he has no idea of what I look like. Must be one of those interesting coincidences. Or maybe it’s sign reaffirming that I’ve found the right illustrator. Either way, you can look forward to seeing more of Wes’ beautiful illustrations on future book covers.

Marina Martindale


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