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The Forgotten DECEPTION Chapter

The Deception front cover.

While waiting for my latest contemporary romance novel, The Letter, to come back from the editor, I decided to go back and give my earlier contemporary romance novel, The Deception, a read as the two stories are similar. However, as I was reading, I kept wondering where one of my scenes went. I recalled writing it, but I sure wasn’t seeing it. So, when in doubt, pull up the manuscript, and viola! There it was. Somehow, this chapter had been overlooked when the book was typeset, and I had managed to miss the error. Yikes!

In the missing chapter, one of the antagonists is arrested and carted off to jail. Thankfully, in a prior chapter, another character had come forward with enough evidence to guarantee a conviction. This meant it had already been established that the villainous antagonist would end up in jail for a very long time, so the story still worked. However, the missing chapter was a nice, you had it coming, moment for the reader. 

The new, revised edition of The Deception, includes the missing chapter. It’s now available for the Amazon Kindle, and update the print edition will be available soon.

Marina Martindale

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