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Amazon Banned This Trailer

It was simply too hot for them to handle
Photo by Marina Martindale

The Deception is a contemporary romance novel about a woman who’s been exploited. Like my other contemporary romance novels, it’s sensual romance. This romance subgenre includes a few, shall we say, love scenes. However, it’s not erotica. Most of the action takes place outside of the bedroom, and what few love scenes are included are there to enhance the plot.

So, when we produced the book trailer for The Deception, Rob Resetar,  my videographer, and I wanted to include a brief romance scene, but it’s hardly porn. However, Amazon didn’t see it that way.

I was using the video on Amazon for book promotions. However, they are no longer allowing me to use it. Their official reason is that the file format is out of date. However, I have another book trailer in that same format on Amazon, and it works perfectly. Someone at Amazon didn’t like this book trailer, so they flagged it.

So, for your viewing pleasure, is the book trailer video that was too hot for Amazon.

Marina Martindale

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