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Meet Scott Andrews from The Deception

They’re out there. The liars. The cheaters. The scumbags. The players. The married men who put themselves out as single men. They’re predators who like to prey on unsuspecting single women, looking for lasting relationships.

Scott Andrews, the antagonist in my contemporary romance novel, The Deception, is one of those players. Handsome and charming, Scott passes himself off as a single man. He considers it a game. Scott has become bored with his marriage, but he’s unwilling to pay child support. His solution is to have girlfriends on the side. They have no idea he’s married, but once he’s had his fill, he goes running home to his unsuspecting wife.

A mutual friend has introduced Scott to Carrie, a down on her luck photographer. Scott fooled Carrie, and he also fooled their mutual friend, Allison. Carrie will innocently mention that she’s recovering from an earlier breakup. Scott will then take full advantage of her vulnerability. Carrie, however, will soon realize things aren’t adding up, but by then it will too late. She will left to deal with life shattering and potentially deadly consequences.

The inspiration for Scott comes from stories friends have told me about meeting men they thought were single, but in fact were not. This experience is not only emotionally shattering, it can leave them with significant trust issues. Scott may be a fictitious character, but there are, unfortunately, too many real life Scotts out there. 


Marina Martindale

The Deception is available on Amazon,, and other online booksellers.


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