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Meet Kyle Madden from The Betrayal

Something I really enjoy as an author is crossing characters from one contemporary romance novel into another. After all, they’re just sitting there, doing nothing, right? So I may as well put them to work. One of these crossover characters is Kyle Madden, who first appears in my earlier contemporary romance novel, The Reunion. Kyle is the police detective who warns  Gillian about her ex-husband.

As I formulated the storyline for The Betrayal, I decided to include a good cop bad cop story. One of the lead characters would be the good cop. So, rather than create a new character from scratch, I decided to use Kyle. He only played a minor role in The Reunion as a generic police detective, so he had plenty of potential. In The Betrayal, Kyle is a thirty-something divorced dad who wants very much to be a good father, but his demanding career takes up too much of his time. It has also left him feeling burned out.

Kyle first meets Emily at an art gallery opening, but only briefly. However, they’re destined to meet again. Unfortunately, this time it’s official police business. Kyle soon realizes Emily is being framed for a crime she didn’t commit. As he fights to prove her innocence, he’ll discover that one of his fellow officers is behind the nefarious plot, and he’ll risk his life to keep her safe.

Kyle is a hero inspired by real-life heroes; all of the dedicated police officers out there who put their lives on the line for us each and every day.


Marina Martindale


The Betrayal is available on Amazon,, and other online booksellers.


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