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Meet Denise Sanderson

the evil nurse in The Journey
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If I had to list the most evil villains I’ve created, nurse Denise Sanderson, from my contemporary romance novel, The Journey, would most certainly be near the top. 

Denise is dedicated to her career. Her patients come first. She’s not intimidated by hospital politics or vindictive supervisors. However, Denise  has a secret. She frequented a neighborhood bar when she was in nursing school and fell in love with a young bartender. His name was Jeremy Palmer. Unfortunately for Denise, Jeremy didn’t feel the same about her, and she neither forgave, nor forgot, his rejection.

Denise will reunite with Jeremy a few years later, but this time under different circumstances. When Jeremy’s wife, Cassie, is seriously injured in a car crash, Denise becomes one of her nurses. Hoping to have a second chance with Jeremy, she befriends them both. While she seems familiar to Jeremy, he can’t quite place her, but he feels he can trust her. Denise will use his trust to unleash her revenge. Once this happens, Jeremy’s life will forever changed.

Denise is a fictitious character who represents a deep-seeded fear many of us may have. What if the people we trust to take care of us during our most vulnerable times don’t have our best interests in mind?

Marina Martindale

The Journey is available on Amazon and, and with other online booksellers

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