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Meet Cassie Palmer

a lead character in THE JOURNEY
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We first meet Cassie in my contemporary romance novel, The Reunion, when Gillian and Jeremy stop for breakfast at a truck stop diner in Idaho Springs, Colorado. The diner owner is none other than Gillian’s long-long best friend, Samantha Walsh. As they get reacquainted, Samantha introduces them to her daughter, Cassie. A student at UCCS, Cassie has taken a few days off from school to visit her mother. Once introduced, she only stays with the others for a few minutes before excusing herself. Jeremy watches her as steps away, and his life will never be the same.

Cassie and Jeremy soon become friends, and as the story unfolds their relationship changes. Cassie returns in my contemporary romance novel, The Journeythis time as a lead character. Her world will quickly turn upside down when she’s seriously injured in a car crash, and Jeremy will mysteriously vanish before she leaves the hospital. Cassie is left to start a new life without him, yet through it all, she remains resilient. 

Cassie is a purely fictitious character who is best described as grace under pressure. She’s certainly an inspiration for those times when we feel overwhelmed by all life’s obstacles.

Marina Martindale

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