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Meet Beau Fowler

The corrupt detective in The Betrayal

Sometimes the people we think we can trust the most are the very people who’ll betray us. My contemporary romance novel, The Betrayal is a good cop vs bad cop story as well as a love story.

Lead character Kyle Madden is a good cop. He risks his career, and his life, to save Emily. Unfortunately for Kyle, his partner, Beau Fowler, is also his nemesis. A thirty-year police veteran, Beau has been a good cop who’s caught his fair share of bad guys. During that time, however, he’s also been passed up for promotions, oftentimes by younger officers he helped train, and he’s become resentful. Now his luck finally appears to be changing. He’s been called to investigate a suspicious death at the home of a well-known motivational speaker. It’s the high profile case he’s been waiting for. All he has to do is get a conviction and he’s sure to get his long overdue promotion, even if it means framing an innocent woman. In Beau’s mind, people sometimes have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

Beau Fowler is a purely fictitious character. Sadly, his inspiration is the occasional bad cop out there who inflicts harm innocent citizens. Fortunately, such officers are rare. Most police officers are like Kyle; good people who put their lives on the line each and everyday. 

Marina Martindale

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