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It’s a Good Cop Bad Cop Story

There is more to my contemporary romance novel, The Betrayal, than just one betrayal. It’s a good cop bad cop story. For some, this has already created a bit of a controversy.

When I first started working on the manuscript, I posted something on Facebook about the villain being a corrupt police detective, while the hero is a good cop who eventually catches the bad cop. Within a few hours of posting someone started losing their lunch, posting a scathing comment to the effect of how dare I write a story about a bad cop. My response was that the story is fiction, and what part of the hero being the good cop did he not understand? Then it was time to the unfriend button.

For the record, I honestly believe that the vast majority of police officers out there are good people, and I’ve met many good people who work in law enforcement. Therefore Kyle, one of my lead characters, along with a few of the supporting characters, are all good cops. Unfortunately, there are a some bad ones out there too. While they are a minority, they unfortunately can, and do, destroy innocent lives as well as tarnish the reputations of all the good cops out there. The Betrayal is a work of fiction. However, its inspiration comes from heart wrenching stories of those bad cops. 

Marina Martindale

Posted in Inspiration, Writing