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A Spring Break Scene from Aquamarine

Spring break is coming up fast, but Tonya may have to change her plans at the last minute. Evan isn’t pleased, and he let’s her know it Please enjoy this sample read from Aquamarine



Evan greeted her with his usual kiss when he arrived. “Ready to go?” he asked.

“In a minute.” Tonya’s tone turned serious. “First, I need to talk to you about something.”

A concerned look came over his face. “What’s wrong? Is there another family emergency?”

“No, they’re all fine.” Tonya grabbed her phone, and after touching a few buttons she handed it to Evan. “I’ve got my modeling photos. So, what do you think?”

He sat down on the sofa and started scrolling. “Well, they’re certainly interesting.” An unexpected scowl came over his face and he showed her the image on the screen. “So, what’s this?”

“It was Julianna’s suggestion, and as you can see, even though I’m topless, nothing is showing. It’s just my back and shoulders, and that, my dear, is as provocative as it gets.”

“Okay,” he said, cautiously, “but like I said before, you need to be careful. I don’t want anyone taking advantage of you.”

“Now you sound like my mother.”

“And your mother has a point.”

“I know she does, but as I’ve told you all before, it’s a legitimate agency, and this photo is as racy as it gets. At least for me.”

He seemed unconvinced as he handed back her phone. “Well, okay, I guess. Let’s get going.”

“In a minute.” She took a deep breath looked him in the eye, hoping for the best. “As you know, everything changed after my grandmother died. Fortunately, I have some money in my savings account, so I should be able to cover my rent and groceries until the end of the semester, provided I don’t splurge. I also called Mr. Loomis. He’d love to have me back at the music store this summer, and hopefully I can stay on through the rest of the year, but until then I have to watch every penny.”

“Look, if you’re worried about spring break, it’s not a problem. I’ve already taken care of our Airbnb, and we can eat in. I’m sure there are grocery stores close to where we’re staying.”

“Which’ll help, but there’s more to it.” Tonya took another deep breath. “Melissa has a possible job lined up for me during spring break.”


“Evan, please, just hear me out. Yes, I’m coming to South Padre Island, but it might not be until Tuesday night, because I may have a modeling job Tuesday morning. It’s a poster shoot for an auto parts company. I’m meeting with them the day after tomorrow, and they’ll let me know if they want to use me or not.”

“How soon will you know?”

“I’m not sure. Melissa says they usually get back with her fairly quickly, but not always. All I can tell you is they’ve already interviewed several other models, but so far they haven’t found the right one.”

“Okay, and while I don’t want to sound like I’m jinxing you, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll still leave Friday morning, as planned.”

“Hopefully, but there’s no guarantee.”

“If they decide they want to hire you, would you be willing to turn them down?”

Tonya shook her head. “I can’t. I honestly need the money. I’ve also just signed on with the agency, and it’s my first interview. I don’t want to jeopardize them calling me for future jobs. If I get the job, I’ll head straight to South Padre Island the minute I’m done. I promise.”

“Unless Melissa calls you with another job.”

“That’s not fair!” Tonya’s face flushed with anger. “I’m trying my best, Evan. I really am. I really was looking forward to us having the entire week together, and we still may, because we don’t know if I’ll get the job or not. I’m just saying I may have to come a few days later than planned. Either way, I should be in a much better position next year, so if I miss part of spring break this year, we can make up for it next year.”

“You already told me you’re taking next year off.”

“To establish residency, but it doesn’t mean I can’t join you for spring break.”

“All right, fine. You may not be there until Tuesday night, and I really am sorry you’re in the mess you’re in. You know I’d help you cover your expenses if I could.”

“I know you would.”

“C’mon, let’s go grab a burger and try to enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Tonya grabbed her sweater. However, Evan seemed quieter than usual, and they didn’t linger afterwards as they normally did. Driving up to her apartment, Tonya gave him a sultry grin.

“I think we should kiss and make up.”

“Some other time. Right now, I’m not in the mood.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just tired, and I need to finish a project.”

“Well, okay, if you’re sure.” The disappointment resonated in her voice.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’ll text you later. Maybe this weekend we can go see a movie or something.” He gave her a less than enthusiastic kiss before she hopped out of the car.

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