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A May-December Romance

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When I wrote my debut contemporary romance novel, The Reunion, I had a lot of interesting feedback. Everyone seemed to agree that their favorite part of the story was the quasi romance between Gillian and Jeremy, a man young enough to be her son. Some even joked about it being the cougar part of the story. So, I’ve decided to include a May-December romance in my upcoming contemporary romance novel, Rivalry.

Back when I was in college, I had a friend who often talked about his parents and his upbringing, as twenty-somethings tend to do. By all accounts, it sounded like his parents had a happy marriage. However, his father was considerably older than his mother, and he sometimes mentioned his half brother, who was about twenty years older than his was. I don’t the story of how his parents met, or what happened to his father’s first wife. He never brought it up, and I never asked. I just know he had a good upbringing and a happy home life. 

Warning! Spoiler Alert!

So, moving on to Rivalry. Early in the story, lead character Jenna contacts Bill, her former mentor, to help with a project she is working on. However, Bill was more than just a mentor. He’s also a former lover, and while he’s not quite old enough to be her father, there is a considerable difference in their ages. It’s a sweet and poignant love story which is coming out much better than I expected. The storyline lends itself well to all kinds of conflicts. Especially when Jenna’s former boyfriend learns about her new relationships and starts second guessing himself. 

Marina Martindale


P.S. If you haven’t read The Reunion yet, you may want to check it out, and it’s still my personal favorite. It’s available on Amazon,, and with other online booksellers. 

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